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Human health

depends on many factors, more or less important, but one of the most important is a properly balanced nutrition. Healthy food can sometimes be like medicine for our body. However, in order for food to fulfill its proper function, it must be properly prepared, controlled and assessed. The control covers raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, all of which is ensured by the appropriate and skilful work of the laboratory, without which every self-respecting company cannot function in today's food production market.

      Manufacturing food in any form is not only product evaluation, but also the control of production processes from the first stages to packaging and transport. Thanks to the appropriate and responsible work of our laboratory, P.P.U.H. ROGOWSKI is constantly developing its activities towards the control and evaluation of products from the moment of purchasing the raw material to its storage, durability and transport to our customers.


LABORATORY. . . . . . . more than just a workplace.

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