Cheese fillings
- velvety, intensely aromatic, thermo-stable

for the food industry

Vegetables pastes/stuffing

Our pastes are perfect for any food production

Cut vegetables

Fresh vegetables for shashliks and more

Vegetable and fruit concentrates

The highest production standards

Marinated vegetables

Proven recipes


Hellishly spicy, aromatic, made from natural ingredients
- this is our chilli paste

You are looking for vegetables for the food industry?


We offer vegetables for the food industry.

We service the largest meat and dairy plants and producers of sauces in Poland. Our vegetables in various forms go to traditional ready-made products as well as convenience dishes. We design and manufacture products commissioned by food plants as well as large technology companies that use our vegetable additives when implementing new products for their customers. We produce pastes-batches in accordance with the most stringent standards of the food industry, without the addition of preservatives and artificial colors. In cooperation with food plants, we have developed and implemented many vegetable additives that are still used in ready-made products and delight the palate of consumers. We meet the most demanding requirements of our clients.