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Are you looking for additions to different kind of food products? Focus on vegetable pastes, which have many applications: from cheese flavour to meat preserves. They are used by chefs too. And to finished dishes – convenience. Our pastes have unique taste composition and perfectly matched mix vegetables.

Without preservatives and synthetic pigments

Our vegetable pastes, pulps and stuffings work in milk industry where as natural addition without preservatives ideal fit to idea healthy food production.

You choose ingredients by yourself

In our offer we have any vegetable pastes, produced according your guidelines. If you need sophisticated vegetable products to production, you have come perfectly. Our products meet the high safety standards. We want our finished product satisfy the tastes even the most demanding clients.

Ginger stuffing

Champignon stuffing

Champignon stuffing with onion

Spinach-broccoli stuffing

Spinach-garlic stuffing

Broccoli paste

Horseradish paste

Fried champignon

Garlic paste

Ginger pulp

Spinach pulp

Herbal pulp

Multi vegetable stuffing