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Mix Vegetables

Well prepared mix vegetables , it is the basis of many dishes. It works perfect as salads. It can be used as addition to many food. Our mix vegetables is often choose by big producers of food and chefs because it has very well selected ingredients.


Examples of mix ingredients:

  • sliced carrot, gherkins, baby corn, red pepper, cauliflower
  • sliced carrot, gherkins, baby corn, red pepper, champignon
  • sliced carrot, gherkins, baby corn, red pepper, cauliflower, champignon
  • sliced carrot, gherkins, red pepper
  • we also produce mix vegetables to order

What is unique about our mix vegetables?

  • we carefully select all ingredients
  • we take care about quality of vegetables in every each step of production
  • we provide ready and very well flavored mix

Why us?

  • we have extensive network of logistic
  • we have experience in production
  • we have certificates which confirm safety of production
  • thousands of companies have trusted us