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Fresh vegetables

If you need to prepare perfect shashliks to grill or other convenience dishes, try our ready to use vegetables in any form. We produce only from selected raw materials, carefully selected and prepared. We provide peeled and cut vegetables, which help to prepare finished dinners, grilled meals, and meat preserves.

Saving time

We will provide you peeled and cut vegetables prepared according with your recommendations. Thanks to this, you will can prepare finished meals faster and you will not waste your time for processing dirty vegetables. We take care about providing fresh products with maximum best before data. Our many years experience and also extensive infrastructure provide high quality service and production.

Multiple application

Fresh vegetables, which we offer are used in many places like: meat factories, which use them to grilled products and finished meals. Provided by us vegetables can be used to salads and also on grill and as addition to many finished dishes.

Fresh Pepper



White radish


Fresh vegetables for shashliks