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About us

Our company works on the market more than 20 years. Unique in us is careful and professional customer approach. We provide vegetables for food industry. We take care about the quality and safety of products which we offer. Our recipes make that products have unique taste and aroma and they are innovative on the market. We are flexible and we treat every each customer individual. If you did not find what you are looking for, contact us and we produce for you any vegetable product.

Why us?

  • We have an experience
  • P.P.U.H. ROGOWSKI is supplier of vegetables which works on Polish market from 1994 year

  • We take care about a quality on every each step of production
  • We produce pastes –stuffings, according with the most strict regulation for food industry, without preservatives and synthetic pigments.

  • We are flexible
  • In cooperate with food factories we made and implemented many vegetables additions, which are used till today in finished products and enjoy consumers palates. We produce any quantities batch of product, from kilogram till tons.

  • We work complex
  • We offer for our clients complex services in preparing any grade and type of vegetables, from deliver, washing, cutting up to vegetables pastes – stuffings.

  • We realize orders fast
  • Thanks to many years experience and adequate infrastructure, we can manage to produce any assortment in any quantity and taste composition within 24 hours.

  • We have many forms of assortment
  • Our offer contains very expanded choice of vegetables products. We can manage to cope any demands of our present and future clients. All recipes made according with preferences and requirements of our customers. According request of our client, we can manage to create any mix vegetables, in any taste.
    From many years company P.P.U.H. ROGOWSKI systematically develops, thereby in 2008 year once again we expanded activities, this time in vegetables import such as: gherkins, baby corn and marinated pepper.